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Classic, Databases and eCommerce, Membership Based... and so much more!

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Avani Digital Designs

Job Recruitment Site

With this site the recruiter or employee can sign up

post profiles, job postings, update them from their own personal members profile. There are so many features I can continue to build into a template like this one! Contact me today to talk Databases!

Dog Rescue

This is a classic website build with an added Database/Dynamic Pages and Customized Forms,  so this rescue can spend more time on the important stuff and less time updating their adoptions and processing forms.

Avani Digital Designs

Landscaping- eCommerce

This was a full eCommerce build that also included a commercial location.

There is QuickBooks integration as the clients inventory was done through Square/QB combo (they had this set up up) we then set up the site and payment portal so that inventory synced between website and store.

There was a lot of work put in to settings inventory and creating calculator to help shoppers with their measurements. I loved this build!

Wix Partner Canada
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