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Small Team. Big Talent. 


Avani Digital Studios is an experienced and reliable top  wix web design and development business.

Located in beautiful Northern British Columbia, Canada we are proudly female owned and operated and work with variety of businesses and client profiles, primarily in North America.


Starting in 2008 creating flash sites on Wix, Shannah has grown with the wix platform and is proud to offer professional Wix Expert services as one of their Top Partners aka "Legend" earning this status as one of the original partners in the new wix marketplace.  Leaving behind her career of 18 years in Mental Health and Addiction Case Management, owner  Shannah A. started building websites of all shapes and sizes full time, working with a diverse range of client's and business industries and types. 


 In 2023 Avani Digital Studios opened up to the US market, took on protege  Sheryl Rose who turned a full time design contractor with us.! Later in the year we started into the world of development projects with some very experienced Velo coders like the Code Queen herself! 

Soon we will be offering Wix Studio Websites, read more about that here 

Meet the Team!


Owner/Lead Designer / Legend Wix Partner


Velo Department

13 years experience in Velo & Wix,


Designer / Explorer Wix Partner

Coming Soon Neon Light


Branding & Marketing Specialist

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