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See the difference! Our first Wix Studio website build.

Elevating Agile Education: Designing on Wix Studio for Agilist Canada Inc.

In the world of Agile education, adaptability isn't just a concept—it's a necessity. Agilist Canada Inc., a certified instructor of the Scaled Agile Framework, taught through SAFE 6.0 training, came to us originally to build on the classic wix editor. We created a great website BUT our strips just couldn't respond the way we wanted to in the limited adaptive editor, as well as, the gridlines roadblocked us from mapping out our text content the way we wanted.

So although the client was happy with the finished product in the classic editor, Shannah made the offer of rebuilding his website in Wix Studio! Shannah had just finished part 1 of her training in the new responsive editor and couldn't wait to recreate the design we liked but was limited. After building in the adaptive editor for so long it was initially challenging to get her brain wrapped our a full canvas with proper break points. Here is more learned about our first Wix Studio build.

Embracing Transformation- Wix Studio website build

Transitioning from Wix's Classic Editor to Wix Studio was more than a mere upgrade—it was a strategic shift. With a clear vision of creating a professional, responsive website, Avani Digital Studios sought to harness the full potential of design elements and functionality offered by the new Wix Studio platform.

Design for Impact

The shift to Wix Studio opened doors to a world of design possibilities. From a sleek new dashboard that includes co-collaboration tools, client kits, to new interaction options including on scroll, a whole new world of design tools, every aspect was meticulously crafted to resonate with the old site but breathe new life into the studio build one. The website's responsive design ensured seamless accessibility across devices.

Results that Speak

The transformation wasn't just about a new look (we liked the old one)—it was about impact. as Agilist Canada Inc.'s website would be viewed by companies who expected a level of professionalism and presence. Enhanced user engagement, increased visitor retention and positive feedback from users all underscore the success of this strategic move to Wix Studio.

Agilist Canada Inc.'s leap to Wix Studio showcases not just a website upgrade, but a commitment to staying agile in an ever-evolving landscape. It's a testament to their readiness to adapt and excel in the digital arena.

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