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Website Updates & Maintenance

Sarah came to us needing help in making her Online Programs more user friendly for her clients. Although Sarah did a wonderful job designing her website, it was a bit overwhelming with the wealth of knowledge she has provided, and navigating the purchase of an online program was causing some confusion.

programs page

After a complete site audit was done, we moved forward and Sheryl helped Sarah get her programs set up with the proper settings so they would be easy to find for both first time clients and previous clients who have already purchased a program. She also created a few more call to actions, cleaned up a few areas where the alignment was off, and connected Google Console. By making these changes, we were able to make the programs more visible without taking away from the amazing teachings on the site. The navigation is more clear and current clients will have no problems finding the programs they're in.

work with me page

Sheryl and Sarah have continued their working relationship and she helps her with website updates and maintenance such as design changes, adding pop-ups, creating automations, and much more.

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